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What can be expected from a women’s museum?

There are about 90 women’s museums worldwide and every one of them has a different focus, but all of them…

  • …promote women’s visibility in history and culture and support policies addressing gender issues;
  • take political position for diversity, gender sensitivity and social inclusion for minorities;
  • promote a gender perspective also in other museums;
  • acquire, conserve, research, communicate and exhibit the tangible and intangible heritage of women’s history, life and culture;
  • develop professional research on gender-related issues;
  • practice gender-oriented communication;
  • are active partners of the local, national and international networks of museums and related cultural, scientific and social institutions;
  • are based on a clear vision/mission as regards goals, strategic development and audience involvement in the museum.

(Guidelines for the foundation and development of women’s museums and/or gender oriented museums by the She-Culture project group, July 2015,

What can be seen at the Women’s Museum in Merano?

Temporary exhibitions

In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is at least one temporary exhibition per year at the museum, which is open all year round. In these exhibitions women and gender-specific topics are explored and their history is presented.

  • The current temporary exhibition can be found here.
  • The complete archive of the temporary exhibitions at the women’s museum from the last decades can be found here.

Some of them can be requested and borrowed.

The Showcase “On Exchange”

Before entering the permanent exhibition, the visitors will find the showcase “On Exchange” through which the museum brings democracy into the exhibition.

There is not only ONE way to tell a story, and neither is there an OBJECTIVE historiography because the narrative of history depends on the perspective of the observer. Here in the Women’s Museum only one of many possible viewpoints is described, but with this showcase the museum opens itself for other opinions.

Not only the staff of the Women’s Museum, but also people from outside – school classes, artists, associations – are invited to think about gender roles in society.

In addition, and every now and then, in this showcase the life of a still living woman is honored who stands as a pioneer for us women – either at work or with her life.

Various Events

Lectures, workshops, conferences and seminars, but also theater, music and cultural events of all kinds are part of the everyday life at the Women’s Museum – often as a framework program of current temporary exhibitions.

Thus the museum promotes awareness about women’s history, but it also supports the discussion of current issues of equality and women’s rights. In Merano it has become a lively cultural center, where also environmental and social issues are discussed.

Specialized library

Please find more information here.

The Women’s Museum is opened all year round. Please find the opening hours here.