Permanent exhibition


Based on our collection we have a sort of “red thread” passing from fashion to accessoires and selected everyday objects. So we start from the precept, that fashion is the mirror of the society and interpret due to the different varieties the spirit of the times “Zeitgeist” of the relative era. 

The new permanent exhibition of the Women’s Museum is like a shopping street with vitrines. But instead of shop windows with purchasable clothing and fashionable articles, we show the image of women of the last 200 years.

The exhibition moves between the poles of showing beautiful dresses and accessories from the rich collection of the museum and on the other side to reveal with these garments the female story and roles in our society, which aren’t always only pleasant. Nevertheless we do not want to point the finger.


The story telling of the female perception and roles takes place from inside to outside – it begins with the skin, passes through the body shapes, the clothing of the legs – tights, skirts, trousers - , to the pelvis, the importance of the hair and the headgear and finally to the works on and outside home.