The history of the Women’s Museum


The origin of the Women’s Museum is closely related to the biography of the founder Evelyn Ortner (1944-1997). Native of Vorarlberg (Austria), on her own she founded the Museum of clothing and frippery under the arcades (Lauben) nr. 68 in 1988. Since 1993 the museum is administrated by an association.

The museum is open all year, and is specialized on cultural and everyday history from a female point of view which is represented in the permanent exhibition: the representation of the ideals, images and role models of women in the 19th and 20th century showing clothes, accessories, every day objects, books and documents.


In special exhibitions and various events there is an enlargement of the repertoire of female-specific and gender sensitive topics year after year .


The Women’s Museum of Meran takes a stand for a sensitization to women’s history, but as well for the discussion of actually matters as equal opportunities. It has become an active cultural center in Meran.


The museum is active in local and international network activity and is the administrative office of the "International Association of Women's Museums".



The founder Evelyn Ortner